I Finally Found The Guts…

Well, I did it.  I created a Youtube channel.  As much as I write much better than I speak (at least I think I do), I want to share what it is like to have a terminal diagnosis. The way life is turned upside down, how everything you think you know changes into something absolutely unrecognizable – it just had to be done.  I will still write because that is [obviously] my first love, however, I encourage you to take a gander for yourself.  See if it is different.  Tell me how it affected you differently than reading my words.  I really need to hear it right now.  I am at a weak moment and feel like such a useless tool that just one person can make all the difference to me right now.

In the meantime….I am in the mood to write a story of some type.  Somebody – anybody – give me a topic.  A slant.  Tell me what you want to read.  Okey dokey smokey?

Then, go here:          The Not So Secret World of Cin



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