My Favorite Things

The title is vague, general and without specificity or category, and that is exactly why I am leaving it that way HAHA!  My favorite things are very broad and diverse, and I like it that way.  It keeps my world interesting.  So if you care (and/or if you don’t care but you’re nosy, non-human or just plain negative and evil and are looking for a reason to convince others that I am some lonely, crazy old cancer lady who doesn’t matter – here’s you’re chance :-)), then by all means, read. And by the way, I am not a lonely, crazy old cancer lady.  I’m not that old.  Oh – and this page may go on forever.  I mean for-ev-er!!  I love a lot of things 🙂

I love perfume.  My top 5 favorite scents (so far) are, in order of favorite:

  1. Deep Euphoria by Calvin Klein
  2. Stash by Sarah Jessica Parker
  3. The one I cannot for the life of me remember the name of right now and can’t find it in my purse so I will need to update this one when I either remember or find it neither of which will likely happen in the near future because I will forget oh did I tell you how much I love chemo brain?
  4. Glossier you by … dammit.  I can’t recall the name of the designer of this one but do not fret I will figure out or find it and update this as well.
  5. Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent.

Now, I used to be a member of Scentbird, and each month they would send me a new scent.  If I ever have enough money to spare $15/month again, this list may change as time flies by.  And no, I do not make any money if you click on the links on this page.  Although I should and will now see if I can, so if and when that detail changes I will let you know.  I never used to be that way.  I had one scent, I called it my signature scent, and that is all I wore.  I was also of the opinion that every woman needed to be that way – have a certain, specific smell to them that did not mimic anyone else.  I am not sure why I changed my mind.  I probably forgot.

Something else I love, and for anyone who knows me they know this should have probably been named first, is the ocean.  And I don’t mean the cold-ass salt-water off the coast of California, I mean warm, salty beautiful ocean in the Gulf and southeast of the United States.  Places like:

  1. St. Maarten – St. Martin and Anguilla I have been there a few times with an ex-husband, and a current maybe soon-to-be-ex-if-he-doesn’t-knock-off-the-stupid-shit-he-is-doing-while-I-have-cancer husband.  Regardless of who was or may be with me in the future (if the future holds that I should go back there), it is my island.  Beautiful and breathtaking and really cool people. (you will never make an enemy on the naked beach.  Just sayin’).  OH -and for any of you who have more money than you know what to do with and want to make a lonely old and crazy cancer lady fall to her knees with tears of gratefulness and just plain…HAPPY, feel free to purchase something like this as a great investment, and allow me and my family (yes, even after I am dead, let’s say…for five generations and then renegotiate) to go there, or live there – I would love to send all three of my daughters there to live.  It’s kind of a dream.  It is Anguilla.  A $15 ferry ride from Marigot, and a British Colony, so there is the way cool tax thing:  Here are 7 reasons to invest in Anguilla, by the way, if you’re even still reading.  This is where I want to die.  I am serious.  It may be a few million dollars but hey, it would certainly pay for itself in the first five years if one operates his/her tourism appropriately, and after that, it is a killer revenue stream.  So, there!   Seven reasons to invest in Anguilla    Go ahead.  Tell me “No”… and I will tell you “Ok, but you’re kinda crazy if you have the money and don’t do this….” and I would likely say a few more words then give you a hug and let you know that it is no big deal – I can’t miss something I have never had.  (LOL.  Guilt.)