Welcome To My World

So. Here you are.  You must have landed here for a reason...I will not presume to know why...either way, you are reading.  My world is interesting, boring, and overall well, mine.  I think you will be surprised.  However, first, a few ground rules:

1.  Sometimes Orange IS the New Black.  (If you have no idea what that means, pass through and relax.  Surely you can relate to something, eventually.)

2.  Occasionally - and who knows when...probably as soon as I can figure it out, there will probably be affiliate ads and affiliate links on my page(s).  I will only affiliate with things I believe are worthy ... I suppose whether or not they pass your worthiness test is up to you.  If I use affiliate links, sometimes I will get a small compensation for a click or the purchase of a product or whatever.  I use that money to support these pages and the writing.  Like it or not, there it is.

3.  And last but certainly not least...remember a few golden rules of Cin;  sometimes less is more, always be respectful (even if your cynical self wants to rage over your common sense) and rarely say anything condescending or inappropriate unless you have a damn good reason and can back it up.  (ergo, all cynical and ridiculous comments are typically accepted practice.)  Well at least for me they are.